Taking stock in the crew…

’tis give and take, share and share… the code of pirates to divvy all plunder. From the Pirate Primer that sits on my desk and helps me write many a blog… a gift from Pirate Bill King who now shares more of his plunders with us….stock of all things!
He wanted to donate some stock and that put us in motion… now we have a brokerage account so we can accept stock donations!
Thank you Bill for your generous donation and creating another avenue for pirates to plunder the sea!

DiVentures in Omaha is gearing up for it’s Summer Kickoff Party tomorrow, with events all through the day to show appreciation to it’s many customers, introduce the community to its swim school, do a try scuba and more.
They will also be holding a raffle supporting Dive Pirates! Raffling off more than $2,660 worth of scuba gear I’m sure it will go well, thank you Omaha DiVentures!
Pirate Piggy Bank…
Another creative one, this little pirate piggy bank will be travelling to a BBQ cook off this weekend… recipient Lawton O’Brien is leveraging friends
who are cooking in an event to solicit donations to his dive adventure.
He will be introducing a new audience to the dive pirates, and working for a little coin…
Good Luck and thank you for being such a good ambassador for the program!
All of our recipients are in the last efforts of fundraising, click here to see and share their pages!

Creative Las Vegans…

Yeah I know, I keep bringing up the Las Vegans, but they keep sending me great stuff and have so much going on!
 A Pirates and Pancakes Paint even scored some incredible artwork and a few more doubloons for the chapter.  I’ve asked if this was for sale, great work!   Gearing up for their poker run May 19th!

Time to kick off the Deep Dive Challenge!!!
For our news kids on the blog, this is just like a 5K run or walk, but we all ask for donations in feet dove instead of kilometers walked… We ask all of those going on the June 2018 trip to take part, but in true pirate form we let the whole crew participate, and there is booty in it for you too! Clicking the link below you can go to the Deep Dive Challenge, choose the boat you wish to pledge under and make a donation.
If you are not on the trip and the boat you donate to wins, I will send you a DPF T-shirt! I know I am a little ahead of the game, the boat lists aren’t out yet for the trip-goers, but for those of you who know the drill:
Naughty Sister  – Boat Leaders Barbara Thompson and Sophie Wimberley
Wicked Sister – John Oldmixon and Gillian Tilbury
Twisted Sister – Tyler Brandes and Bridget Voelker
Sexy Sister – Kurt Byth and Charley Oxley
Now these are the traditional names, there is much talk afoot of different names, etc…. which will be revealed on island, but for fundraising purposes we are keeping things simple.
Winning boat gets a coveted pizza party during the Thursday crab races…
the individual who plunders the most pledges wins an Oceanic wristwatch dive computer!

Be sure to hug the moms in your life that take care of us pirates!  

Theresa the Terrible