Covid 19 Waiver Information

Please find our Covid 19 waiver form below. We appreciate your patience as we cautiously watch the state of the health situation with your safety in mind.

We have reworked some of our procedures as we prepare for our dive trip on June 19-26, 2021. All recipients and adaptive dive buddies will need to have these completed and returned to us before training can start.

Please download, complete and return.

Covid 19 Waiver Information

Due to the current global outbreak of COVID‐19 (also known as the Corona Virus, Novel Coronavirus, SARS‐CoV‐2) and the potential outbreak of other infectious diseases, I agree that the Released Parties have the right to cancel or reschedule dives, trips, training or other activities (each an “Activity”) without prior notice, limitation or justification. This policy seeks to adhere the current World Health Organization (“WHO”), Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”) and other federal, state or local government recommendations for dealing with and preventing a pandemic, and such policy may change at any time, without notice to you.



World Health Organization (WHO) – Coronavirus Information