Cozumel Esta Completo

Lat: 20.422984 Long: -86.922343

Cozumel, Mexico

Thursday… well more wind closed the ports, so it was another day of adventure on the island…a few highlights from my viewpoint, the Tequila Tour was well worth it, the Mayan ruins were a step into the tropical jungle and great bonding time, and Mitch Snow should stay away from scooters 🙂
A lovely dinner at Pancho’s Back Yard, don’t let the name fool you, it’s gourmet Mexican town with beautiful presentation and service, the last of our Taste of Cozumel Tour.

Friday! The divers are out, last day to make it count! Marion Gordon caught the crew of the Swordfish on the way down the dock. Dinner tonight before we all part ways. Thank you all for a wonderful trip. Watch FB for any last minute shenanigans 😉

DALLAS: The first ever UTSW (UT Southwestern Medical Center) Adaptive Sports Coalition Expo! Pirates Bryan Shaner, Anne Larboullet and Robin Reynolds would love to see you!
Saturday, Oct. 28th! 9am – 3pm
Maverick Activities Center
UT Arlington Campus
500 W. Nedderman Dr.
ORLANDO: A few of us our headed to DEMA (Dive Equipment and Manufacturing Association) Convention in Orlando, and Blue Ocean Art is once again doing a great promotion to benefit our Pirates…
So if you are interested in purchasing any of Jim Hellemn’s amazing photographs next week a donation will be made to make adaptive diving a reality to another recipient. See some of his beautiful work and if you purchase from his site
and use the discount code “WalkThePlank2017” you can take advantage of this great15 % off and give back to some deserving disabled divers. Thanks Jim Hellemn for your continued support of our recipients so more can see and experience the great world underneath the surface.

Hasta Luego,

Theresa the Terrible


Theresa Cortez, Dir. of Communications

Dive Pirates Foundation

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