Deep Down Challenge

The Deep Down Challenge is our opportunity to pay it forward!… The gauntlet has been well and truly thrown down!… Each boat crew is on a special voyage with adaptive divers and will be dedicating one dive to raise funds for future divers! …

Each boat will be in competition to raise the most money and each individual crew member is up against the rest of their crew!………Any donation will be very much appreciated!

The boat with the most pledges wins a coveted Deep Down Challenge “Boat Prize” during Thursday night crab race…

The best individual fundraiser also gets a Deep Down Challenge prize!

Twisted Sisters crew sep 2018

What some of our past pirates have to say!

“I absolutely love it, at first I was apprehensive because I needed to rely on someone to get me in and out of the water, but I trust these guys so much now.

I  was nervous at first, to do this first face plant in the water, but after the first time I wanted to get in the water as fast as possible, that was easy after that.

It’s absolutely wonderful not being in this wheelchair and be down there seeing what I can see.  It’s tranquil, quiet, and of course, you get to see nature you’ve never seen before, it’s incredible.

(As a peer counselor) someone doesn’t see what they can do, they see what they have lost or can’t do. It’s important as a person with a similar injury to be able to say I’ve done this. It’s huge to have that resource available and knowledge to share with somebody else.” Jon Schuetz 

“I never imagined scuba diving as a quadriplegic. It was a little awkward at first but I am in love with diving now. I broke my neck in 1990, in a motorcycle accident, but that gives you a zest for life because you’re so close to “not”!.  So I’m trying to do everything I can, to make the most of it. Thank you from all my heart, this is such an inspiration.” Mackie Davis

For guys like me in wheelchairs, it gives us the opportunity to actually improve ourselves.  And amaze ourselves with things you didn’t know you could do. So now you know you can do it. It’s another step up the ladder to get back to a “normal” life and even more than a normal life!” Scott Palimo

“With PTSD, it never stops, it runs and runs and runs. But when you get underwater, it slows down. All I hear are the bubbles, my breathing, and I am focusing on everything around me… it’s amazing!”  Marlene Krpata

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