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Kamron Lopez

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Former Sgt. Kamron Lopez, USMC

Kamron of Las Vegas, Nevada joined the Marine Corps after High School, the sixth member of his family to join the Armed Forces. He wanted to see new places and people and experience combat while defending his nation. During his service, he was stationed in Japan, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. Australia was his favorite posting, as he often traveled all around Southeast Asia while performing different duties.

After many years and achieving the rank of sergeant, Kamron decided to leave the Corps and attend college. Though he did not personally experience combat he is proud of his service and believes he is better for it. He got married and was staying with his wife’s family when tragedy struck.

While helping his father-in-law cut down part of a tree, a large portion fell on top of him, breaking his back, hips, a number of ribs, punctured a lung and damaged his aorta. He was immediately airlifted to a hospital where after numerous surgeries and a total of 13 blood transfusions, he awoke to the news that he would likely never walk again. The trauma had severed his spinal cord at the T-10 vertebra, paralyzing him from the waist down. Despite this horrible tragedy Kamron refused to let it stop him. He is now going to college at Arizona State University for a degree in cybersecurity.

He cares for his three children as best he can, but is often frustrated by how his injury limits his activity with them. Through physical therapy and neurological treatment, Kamron is beginning to regain some sensation in his lower body.  After learning about the Dive Pirates through our chapter at Waterworld Scuba in Las Vegas, he hopes that our program will be the right fit for him and give him strength on his journey. He will be training with Leon Craver at Waterworld Scuba and his buddy, Doug Deaks.

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