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Kelly Talamantes

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Kelly Talamantes of Fort Worth, Texas is someone who simply cannot be slowed down. Moving from Florida with her husband and two children a few years ago, they had settled well until one night in April of 2017. Returning home from an evening out, Kelly and her husband were struck by a young driver who unintentionally turned in front of their motorcycle. The resulting collision sent them both off the bike at 50 miles per hour; Kelly received serious injuries and her husband was killed on impact. She was rushed to the hospital and spent 4 days unconscious and in critical condition.

Her left leg had been badly damaged in the crash and was amputated above the knee. Despite the horrifying tragedy that had taken so much from her, Kelly survived and began a long fight to return to normalcy. Her kids and community remained her supportive bedrock and a positive influence throughout the process of rehabilitation. She worked hard in therapy to regain her mobility and by October of that same year had begun walking with a prosthetic. She didn’t stop there, learning later how to skip and even jump rope. Having always enjoyed swimming, Kelly found a new love for the activity after the accident. The water provided a range of motion that was unparalleled for her on land, a truly liberating experience. She does not consider herself disabled at all, having adapted to her amputation well and living a life scarcely different from anyone else.  Kelly heard about the Dive Pirates through a member of the Adaptive Training Foundation (where she also learned how to snowboard) and was in contact with us not long after. She has been interested in the sport of scuba diving for a long time now and hopes to dive in the Cayman Islands soon with the Dive Pirates. Kelly will be learning to dive with Rich Thomas of International Scuba.

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