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Robin Davis

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Former Senior Airman Robin Davis, USAF

As far back as she can remember, Robin always dreamed of being a fighter pilot, so she made up her mind she was going to join the Air Force, even though it was not a position held by women.  Her plans changed when she had a son at an early age; after high school as her friends went into the military or college, she was home feeding her baby.  She then married someone in the military and supported his career for almost 12 years before enlisting herself. She still had the desire to serve, joining the Air Force and serving a little more than two years when she was injured on the job.  Working in vehicle maintenance one day she injured her back, herniating the disc at L5-S1.  Though surgery wasn’t immediate, she was medically discharged as she was not considered deployable.  She later had a successful back surgery fusing and stabilizing the area.

In October, 2017, Robin was attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, and was trampled during the mass shooting incident.  The pounding took its toll on her back, causing bulging discs from C4-C5, herniating discs C5-C7, bulging discs from L1-L4 and herniating the disc at L4-L5. After being told she would be in a wheelchair by the time she reached 50, she is currently stable and maintaining her mobility and pain levels through extensive therapy and yoga.

While in treatment at the VA Robin heard about Dive Pirates, and she had hoped one day to get her scuba diving certification.  Now with assistance becoming a diver is possible, and she is looking forward to many years of diving as she strives to stay active.  She continues to protect us as a TSA agent, working at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Robin with be training with Lee and Jose at GR8 DiVN.

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