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Sarah Crow

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Sarah Crow 

Imagine going under for surgery and waking up with a paralyzed arm for the rest of your life. This was the reality for Sarah Crow of Houston, Texas after a fateful mistake during an operation. However, she isn’t about to sit out on life just because of her injury. Instead, Sarah remains just as active as she ever has been.

Sarah suffers from an injury to the Brachial Plexus, a set of nerves that branch from the spinal cord down to the shoulder and upper arm. During a hernia repair surgery, the blood flow to Sarah’s Brachial Plexus was cut off, causing full paralysis of her left arm.

During her time as an EMT, Sarah saw tragedy and triumph, people suffering things that were not their fault; and how patients chose to react to those changes were key to recovery.  She learned in life there are always choices, and our struggles are mostly mental, not physical.  Ever since her injury, she has lived that lesson every day. First Sarah had to relearn the simple things; tying her shoes, doing her hair, cooking, and driving were all a lot different now with control of only one arm.

Sarah is a wife, mother, former Respiratory Therapist, and EMT. She is an active member of the Houston adaptive crossfit community and competes regularly in competitions such as Wodapalooza in Miami, Florida. There she competes against other adaptive athletes with similar stories to tell. She thoroughly enjoys the water and is very fond of paddle boarding. Sarah always wanted to give scuba a try but was never able to find the time to really give it a try. During the Skills for Life Expo in Houston, however, she heard about the Dive Pirates, who were there offering “Try Dive” pool sessions with people with arm paralysis or amputation.  She didn’t participate, but it planted a seed, and later looked up Dive Pirates online and applied. Now with the help of her crossfit coach and dive buddy, Derrick, Sarah is ready to experience and take on the world of scuba diving.


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