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Scott Wilson

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Scott Wilson

Scott comes from a military family, and after he graduated from high school his plan was to work a year or two in the oilfield to get some money behind them and then join the marines.  He had all of his paperwork in and was three weeks from leaving to begin his military career when an oilfield accident nearly took his life. 

Equipment broke free and Scott was trying to jump clear of it as more than 15 thousand pounds of equipment came crashing down. Caught in the debris, his right leg and left arm were pinned.  It took more than six hours to free him from the equipment, and he credits his uncle for saving his life.  His uncle served in the first Gulf War, created a tourniquet and kept him from going into shock until help arrived.   

The accident left him with a salvaged leg with an exposed nerve and an amputated left arm. Being left-handed, he learned to be a right-hander and decided to move from West Texas to San Antonio to pursue his education at UTSA. 
He was working at SeaWorld as a mechanic when he picked up a paintbrush and found his next passion. A person who liked to draw and doodle as a child, he now has created a career out of painting murals. His work can be seen at ComicCon, area wineries, and he is currently working on a large military mural depicting the transition of time through wars during the 20th century.
Meeting Dive Pirate Recipient Albert Garcia, a fellow arm amputee, he found out diving could be one of his next adventures. He will be training with DiveMasters in San Antonio.
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