Like most non-profits Volunteers are central to the delivery of the DPF Adaptive scuba training and critical for our ongoing success.

Divers and non-divers are equally welcome to join and there is a range of options to consider, from simply meeting new people and making new friends, to facing new experiences and challenges, from extending your current training level or learning new skills or to utilizing your current professional qualifications to give back while having some fun.

Complete the volunteer questionnaire on your preferred areas of interest and..

  • Learn to be an Adaptive Buddy or Instructor
  • Organize a fund raiser
  • Find sponsors and sources of donations
  • Attend fund raisers as support staff
  • Participate in training or one of our annual trips by being a paying volunteer – trip is tax deductible

In true pirate spirit, everyone is welcome to contribute!

Maximize your efforts by accessing

 when a company rewards volunteer hours with monetary donation 

  • Let us know your background and it will help find the perfect pirate role for you.
    Please select all that are applicable
  • Please let us know by city, state or region.
  • We just like to understand all the different reasons people like to get involved with us.
    Thank for your interest in volunteering with Dive Pirates, a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.