Meet the new crew!

Lat: 20.422984 Long: -86.922343

Cozumel, Mexico

Adaptive Divers CozumelYes the sun is out and our new crew members were ready to go for day two on the open sea…

Left to right: Scott Sperling, dive buddy Matt Amos and right is Mitch Snow… who welcomed the sun this morning though seas were a little choppy as they left the dock

Adaptive Scuba OhioScott Sperling was born with a right club foot along with no feeling and lack of blood circulation in both feet. These issues would lead to numerous hospital visits, bone infections and eventually amputations.
For more than 15 years Scott has been providing topless jeep rides to more than 200 campers and staff members each summer, many with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida or Down Syndrome. It wasn’t until several years ago that Scott finally started wearing shorts to this event on the recommendation of the staff physician, who felt Scott could be a role model to campers and help give them the confidence in that nothing in life is impossible!
You wouldn’t even know Scott was a double amputee, he is just a go-getter and loves working with his buddy Matt Amos restoring Jeeps, and now diving!
Thanks to Southern Ohio Diving Academy for preparing Scott and Matt for this adventure!
Scott is still raising funds to cover his costs, so please help him out by donating and sharing to his fundraising page.
Retired Staff Sgt. Mitch Snow, ( US Army) has taken to diving and is loving it. Mitchserved in special forces, and knew as a small child his life’s dream was to be a Green Beret. He was trained as a medic. While overseas he went to scout out a drop zone and practice his rock climbing training and fell more than 80 feet, breaking both of his ankles, back, neck, knee caps, feet and dislocating his shoulder.

Medically discharged, he was devastated to leave the jobthat he loved, and continues to work hard to regain mobility through intense therapy.
A warm and friendly soul, he has warmed up to diving and loving every minute of it…. and he needs his funding page out there too, so go share it my pirates!
The end of a great day…
Tonight we kicked off the first of three outings as part of our “taste of Cozumel” tour… walking and rolling to Rolandi’s and watching the cruise ships roll in while we ate a wonderful dinner together. !Salud!

Hasta Luego,

Theresa the Terrible


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