Our Conjunto trip 🙂

Lat: 20.422984 Long: -86.922343

Cozumel, Mexico

Conjunto (a combination, together) Yes this is a cozy conjunto trip, it is really touching how many of our past recipients are on this trip to continue their love of diving and pirate camaraderie, and what they bring to the new recipients is something only they can do, and I’m not sure I can put it into words, but we all know how powerful it is.
This was the group tonight at a welcome party hosted by the Hotel, was supposed to be by the docks but the weather just didn’t cooperate. All in pirate shirts as the hotel had a photographer take our group picture, will share it when I get the email. 🙂
The Swordfish is sporting four adaptive divers, from left to right Shawn Monroe
(recipient2005) Marlene Krpata (2013) Bryan Shaner and new recipient Mitch Snow. Mitch is in good company, got to see video of him watching a large crab hiding in his cubby hole, he looks relaxed and taking it all in.
The Sexy Geezer boat hosts from left to right Chris Hocker (2010) Melissa Veale (2016) and new recipient Scott Sperling. great underwater shots of Scott by Kurt Byth and Charley Oxley, looks like a natural.
Forecast looks promising for the end of this rain by morning, hoping that means better visibility for our pirates to see more critters, and maybe I won’t come home whiter than I came!

Hasta Luego,

Theresa the Terrible


Theresa Cortez, Dir. of Communications

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