Pirates Invasion of Cozumel

Lat: 20.422984 Long: -86.922343

Cozumel, Mexico

Los Pirates (Pee-raught-tays) or so the locals call us, our shirts made a statement in the airport, and everyone helping with bags when we arrived kept asking about the pee-raught-tays…

Traveling is traveling, with lots of selfies and hugs as each group made it’s way to kick off the last trip of the Year of the Pirate Patriot. Met in the bar to do all waivers so we could cheer on the Astros (and Yankees, we do have two NYers on the trip and, well, gotta stay true to the Yanks but geeked our Texas boys are advancing…)

Boats rolled out this morning with spirit flags, Charley was ready with the Sexy Geezer banner to start the trip off on a good note…
Weather got a little crazy as a cold front (Frente frio) pushed in and soaked our divers, but they said they were wet any way 🙂
Forecast says we will be a little rainy the next few days, hoping for sunnier skies, though didn’t seem to slow down the excitement at dinner, the talk of moray eels, lobsters and other critters.
The resort had bingo starting at 8:00, but I’m not sure anyone made it, we were too busy catching up on the day, and then folding our sails to prepare for the next.

Hasta Luego,

Theresa the Terrible


Theresa Cortez, Dir. of Communications

Dive Pirates Foundation

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