Auto Pirate

From: $10.00


Easy – Convenient – Auto Renews!

You asked for it!

We delivered! An easy way to keep up with your membership and keep it within your budget.

How this simple change helps Dive Pirates:

  •  Consistent Income for scuba equipment and training

 Helps foundation avoid peaks and valleys in donation cycles

  •  Timely response to recipients

Less waiting on funds; more equipment, training, and diving!




All new sign-ups through Auto Pirate receive:

  • All designated booty
  • A gift card to the Store
  • Captain, Commodore and Admiral Memberships qualify as voting members.
  • New t-shirt when the membership auto-renews, you don’t have to do a thing!


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Designed to make regular giving easy…Auto Pirate gives you the choice to make your donation on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis!

What difference will regular giving make to Dive Pirates?

Continuity means we can continue to focus our efforts on engaging with people with physical disabilities thereby helping to facilitate life-changing experiences. 

Effective use of resources allows us to spread the costs meaning we can take advantage of favorable rates etc for training, equipment purchase and travel costs.

Regular giving helps Dive Pirates Foundation avoid peaks and valleys of revenue, therefore ensuring we can spend more time on strategic planning, training, and operation logistics – and less on fundraising.

Simply put, it sustains our day-to-day efforts to engage our recipients and hence demonstrates an ongoing commitment to our mission.

Find out more about who we are and our history and pirate code!

We train, equip and prepare persons with physical disabilities and their buddy(s) for a trip of a lifetime. Have a look at these examples of what your donation will mean:-

  • $150 – One Mask and Snorkel set
  • $250 – One mask, snorkel and fins or a wetsuit
  • $500 – Training for an adaptive diver or one Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) or one set of regulators or an underwater computer
  • $1,000 – One BCD and regulator set or training for an adaptive buddy
  • $2,500 – Airfare and lodging for one adaptive recipient
  • $5,000 – Airfare and lodging for one recipient and their adaptive buddy
  • $10,000 – Send one quadriplegic adaptive recipient and buddy team on a Dive Pirates trip plus their equipment and training

Auto Pirate Membership Levels and Payment Options

Choose the membership level that works for you Bosun, First Mate, Captain, Commodore or Admiral

Choose how often you would like your debit/credit card or PayPal to auto draft – Monthly, Quarterly or Annually

  • Bosun T-shirt, Pen, and Sticker
  • First Mate Bosun plus Hat, Visor or Headwrap
  • Captain First Mate plus Mesh Duffle Bag
  • Commodore Captain plus Jacket or Leather Embossed Card Holder
  • Admiral Commodore plus commemorative Trip Plaque

(Memberships in red qualify as voting members. We will need to receive $500 before voting rights are in force. Voting rights will stay in force until auto pirate is deactivated)

You can always make a one-time membership purchase and therefore not put your membership on auto pirate, however only new signups will get all booty, all renewals receive an annual t-shirt.




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Auto Pirate Options

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