Microfiber Towel


When you need to cut down on space and weight, you want gear that serves double duty, like the Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel by McNett.



Microfiber: What it is and How to wash it?

  • There is a lot to love about microfiber; for starters, it’s strong, compact and dries incredibly fast. Microfiber is made of micro-thin threads (1/100th the diameter of a human hair) of fabric is woven tightly together, making it more durable than most fabrics. The tight weave requires a high number of threads, making it super absorbent and excellent for active people. These properties make microfiber an excellent fabric for upholstery, towels, sheets and more.
  • How to wash Microfiber: It’s simple. Think of it as any other synthetic garment: it won’t get softer, and it’s sensitive to extreme heat. wash in cold or warm water with a detergent free of fabric softeners. Hang or tumble dry on low heat. Feel free to wash with any other clothing, towels or sheets
  • How do they know this? Because McNett makes microfiber towels. This Microfiber is a polyester material that soft like suede. Whatever it is that you’ve got planned, chances are we have the towel for you!

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