Spring Training…

There are a lot of great pirates out there who would like to take their diving to the next level
and assist others… and we are ready for you! SSI Classified buddy training in H-Town hosted by Dive Tech Houston.

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Speaking of Dive Tech, they will be hosting Kevin Smith for his final pool session today and then off to open waters at 288 Lake May 12-13! Kevin is knocking it out of the park with great instructors Russell Potocki, Sigmund Potocki and adaptive buddy Anne Larboullet. Thanks everyone!!!
Look who is done with his pool work…
This picture just in from SSI Classified Instructor Lee Craver training recipient Michael Romanoski and buddy Vince Bastian at Gr8 Divn in Las Vegas. They are now gearing up for their open waters Tuesday at Cottonwood Cove… and their poker run fundraiser on May 19th.
And I have to share, working on getting media coverage for all this great stuff I learned the nickname for the residents of Las Vegas… ya know, like Houstonians, or Austinites, New Yorkers,…. anyone… Las Vegans! Would have lost that jeapordy game….

Jupiter Dive Center adds new adaptive instructors and buddies through SDI Scubility-Congrats!

A brave soul, SDI IT Bob Collins with Mike Wilkins and Bobby Styles whipped this crew in to shape:

5 new instructors – Lisa Carroll, Sandy Carlson, Bob Streams, Kate Heller, Jordan Greene and buddy – Chris Dayton.

Garland Walker Inn of Court
This awesome group hosted an event at the Houston Aquarium, pirate themed, and asked us to join them and tell them a little bit about local pirates doing good. (They are local attorneys fighting IT Pirates, working pro bono at times for fellow crew members, many a pirate among them doing a lot of good!) We thank them for taking in Buchaneer Barb, and giving us a few doubloons for the cause!

Have a great weekend pirates!  

Theresa the Terrible