Some of our recipients from Dayton, OH had such a great time learning the ways of the pirate code last year, they purchased a flag and had their names embroidered, starting a tradition for all area pirates to do this same.
 Such trailblazers Scott Sperling and Matt Amos (2017 recipients) Get the needle and thread ready, Hunter and Sophie Heck are soon to follow, gearing up for June!
Speaking of June…
 We are three weeks away from shipping out, and all trip goers should have their excellent travel goodie bag now in hand, with one of the coolest travel shirts I’ve ever seen! Ok, I say that every year, but with an amazing graphic artist and the oversized print on the back by ORCO graphics, this is just fun!
Wanna T-Shirt???? sign up for September! We still have spots available for divers and non-divers, lots of new recipients on this trip to meet.
3 Weeks left to rally for the Deep Down Challenge!!!
Introduced on last weeks’ blog, the deep down challenge is off to a great start, with emails flying, pirates working on pledges… by now you should have heard from your Boat Leaders and starting prepping for the EPIC Adventure! Watch pictured above is the prize for the pirate who gathers the most pledges.
Clicking the link below you can go to the Deep Dive Challenge, choose the boat you wish to pledge under and make a donation.


Take a minute Monday…

This is a tough weekend for many, remembering those men and women who gave of their lives in love for this country, and the people who live freely because of their efforts. May we remember them with joy, living our lives to the fullest in honor of them.

Be safe my pirates,  

Theresa the Terrible