A Pirates very own Veteran’s Day!

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Back in Concho Cove…
This Veteran’s Day gives me a chance to share with you a special moment with one of our pirates.
While in Cozumel, with lots of laughter, and diving, and world series get-togethers in the evening, Shawn Monroe (2005 recipient) mentioned “Tomorrow will be my live day anniversary.”
 As October 26 th came and went, I saw a man enjoying the company of fellow former military, Mitch, Patrina and Marlene, as well as carrying a bit of a heavy heart… reflecting on the day that instead of standing in between vehicles as they approached an Iraqi police station like he usually did, he jumped inside one of the vehicles to talk with his teammates; a decision that provided enough cover to save his life when mortar fire struck.
Not everyone in the vehicle survived.  Doctors salvaged one leg and amputated the other, a wake-up call he said, to live life and do well with this gift God granted him. Shawn said being in Cozumel was awesome, getting him out of the house on that anniversary day, making new friends, and sharing life with others.
This weekend we pirates honor all of our recipients, members, all veterans who wrote that blank check to our country. Let’s keep growing this motley crew, it’s truly a celebration of life!

Until next week!

Theresa the Terrible


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