Medical Condition

Shawn Monroe

Sergeant Monroe was a Military Police in the Army that was serving in Iraq when he received injury due to mortar fire that injured one leg and required the removal of the other.  Shawn has been joined by his wife Kristi who will be his adaptive buddy.  They finished their certifications in the Caymans in…

Doug Moneymaker

Corporal ‘Ole 1 Leg Doug’ is a Dive Pirate and an Iraqi war veteran and a native of West Texas, where he hopes to return and finish college.  He attended the first ever Dive Pirates Trip to Cayman Brac in April of 2005.  

Eric Alva

Eric Alva is retired from serving in the US Marine Corps after losing a leg to a land mine during the first day of the Iraq war. He has been recognized for his bravery by People Magazine and has raised more than $5000 for Dive Pirates. Eric has always been a long distance runner and…