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07/13/2017 Dive Pirates gives all divers chance to experience sport [External Link]

There and Brac Again: Dive Pirates Celebrate 13 Years [External Link]


Woman paralyzed at waist conquers diving lessons [External Link]


Combat veteran 1 of 20 Adaptive divers to join Dive Pirates “Year of the Pirate Patriot” 13th annual trip to Cayman Brac [External Link]

09/13/2016 Freedom to Dive [External Link]
02/11/2016 Foundation helps disabled vets experience underwater freedom [External Link]
01/06/2016 Pirates take gala online to engage members nationwide [External Link]
10/21/2015 Dive Pirates to Hold TWO Seminars on Classified Diver Program during DEMA Show [External Link]
09/11/2015 Dive Pirates hosting fundraiser for veterans [External Link]
02/09/2015 Dive Pirates Opening the Mainstream Scuba World up to Divers with Disabilities [External Link]
01/29/2015 Las Vegas Valley veterans with disabilities get free scuba training [External Link]
12/09/2014 DEMA 2014 Las Vegas! (part 1) Dive Pirates. ORG [External Link]
09/18/2014 Local diving group makes big waves and positive vibes at Blue Lagoon [External Link]
09/18/2014 Dive Pirates looking to make a splash with disabled youth diving program [External Link]
07/29/2014 Dive Pirates Welcome Susan Devore as New Executive Director [External Link]
07/25/2014 A Pirate’s Life for Me [External Link]
07/11/2014 ‘Like walking on the moon’ Disabled veterans get new lease on life in Cayman [External Link]
07/11/2014 Brac Reef excels at accessible tourism, say Dive Pirates [External Link]
07/03/2014 Houston Rockers Vs. Mods 2014: Hustle Town Rumble VI [External Link]
03/25/2014 Dive Pirate Recipient Moves Audience with Story of Water’s Healing Affect [External Link]
02/25/2014 Pirates Celebrate 10 Years of Sharing Diving with People with Disabilities [External Link]
02/10/2014 HighViz Industry Partner Spotlight [External Link]
10/31/2013 Pirates Storm DEMA with Three Strategic Strongholds, New Program
09/30/2013 Diving in Mammoth Lake [External Link]
09/30/2013 Mammoth Discovery [External Link]
09/30/2013 Mammoth Lake [External Link]
07/02/2013 Brac Reef Beach Resort Hosts Dive Pirates Group [External Link]
06/11/2013 Dive Pirates to take 8 new recipients to Cayman Brac for 9th annual trip June 15-22, 2013 [External Link]
06/10/2013 Disabled vets get to explore the watery depths off Brac [External Link]
09/26/2012 Disabled vets to scuba dive at Blue Lagoon [External Link]
09/06/2012 Dive Pirates Foundation introduce disabled people to scuba diving adventures in the Cayman Islands [External Link]
08/23/2012 Dive Pirates take injured Pasco veteran on scuba adventure [External Link]
08/23/2012 Dive Pirates take injured veteran to Cayman Brac [External Link]
08/20/2012 Pirates draw their paintbrushes in joint effort to raise funds for Cayman BRAC JR. Achievement
06/29/2012 Adaptive divers boost Cayman Brac tourism [External Link]
06/22/2012 New adaptive divers join Pirates for 8th Annual Foundation trip to Cayman Brac
06/22/2012 Adaptive divers headed to Brac [External Link]
05/17/2012 Dive Pirates featured on the AFCEA blog and website [External Link]
05/15/2012 Pirates Converge on Blue Lagoon for Diveapalooza
05/07/2012 Bay Area People: May 6th – Helping physically challenged individuals to dive 
04/10/2012 SSI Takes Relationship with Dive Pirates Foundation to Next Level
04/02/2012 Blind airman lives underwater adventure [External Link]
02/13/2012 Sgt. (Ret.) Travis Clennon Swims with Dive Pirates After Injury/Seven Surgeries
10/22/2011 Groups come together for Handicapped Divers
09/29/2011 Kona Honu Divers undergo intense training to help injured military members [External Link]
09/28/2011 Kona Honu divers train to help injured military [External Link]
09/26/2011 Kona Honu Divers Undergo Intense Training to Help Injured Military
07/12/2011 Dive Pirates Capture Adventure and Excitement Through Social Media Outlets [External Link]
07/01/2011 Wounded Warriors Given Red Carpet Treatment [External Link]
06/29/2011 Cayman Brac dive vacation heals mind and body [External Link]
06/15/2011 Santa Fe injured Vets ready for adventure [External Link]
05/31/2011 Dive Pirates Foundation Salutes Military Heroes on Cayman Brac [External Link]
05/27/2011 Injured Military Put Wheelchairs, Disabilities Aside to Become Pirates in Cayman Brac
04/24/2011 Wounded Warriors Get Easter Diving Lesson [External Link]
03/30/2011 Randy’s Story – Overcoming a Disability in the Water [External Link]
02/25/2011 ‘Pirates’ Take a Dive, Have a Ball [External Link]
02/17/2011 Sgt. (ret.) Keith Deutsch to Keynote Premier Fundraiser for Disabled Veterans
09/13/2010 Dive Pirates in Cahoots with T Bar C Communications
07/21/2010 Dive Pirates find treasure in local volunteer [External Link]
07/17/2010 Nine Adaptive Divers Receive Certification on Cayman Trip
07/16/2010 Ikelite Underwater Systems Blog July 16, 2010, Cayman Brac [External Link]
06/26/2010 Traumatic brain-injury survivor ready to tackle scuba-diving adventures for the disabled [External Link]
06/18/2010 Dive Pirates invade Cayman Brac [External Link]
06/14/2010 Pirates Say “Its Good to Be BRAC”- Headed to Caymans with 83 for Trip
03/22/2010 Dive Pirates Ball Rallies “Good To Be Brac” Theme
02/18/2010 Cayman Brac back on track [External Link]
02/01/2010 Dive Pirates Announce 2010 Effort “It’s Good to Be Brac”
01/21/2010 6th Annual Dive Pirates’ Ball: March 5, 2010 – Downtown Aquarium, Houston, TX [External Link]
12/01/2009 Dive Pirates Foundation Presents 6th Annual Trip: It’s Good to Be Brac! [External Link]
10/25/2009 Pirates, SSI and Brac Reef Beach Resort Plan Party at DEMA
07/28/2009 South SA BLOG: The Dive Pirates Foundation [External Link]
07/24/2009 Dive Pirates group teaches physically-challenged to SCUBA dive in Cayman Islands [External Link]
07/20/2009 Twelve Disabled Divers Receive Certification During Cayman Trip
07/07/2009 Outbrac Pirates Down Under Blog from Cayman Brac [External Link]
06/24/2009 Dive Pirates group teaches physically-challenged to SCUBA dive in Cayman Islands [External Link]
06/22/2009 First guests at Brac Reef Resort [External Link]
06/19/2009 Brac opens for tourists with disabled group [External Link]
06/19/2009 Women & Philanthropy: Dive Pirates to the Rescue [External Link]
06/19/2009 Brac to host disabled scuba group [External Link]
06/18/2009 Dive Pirates Train 12 Challenged Divers for Cayman Brac Adventure [External Link]
06/15/2009 Pirates Train 12 Disabled to Scuba, Preparing for Trip to Caymans
04/18/2009 Group trains disabled indiving [External Link]
03/10/2009 Dive Pirates Refuse to Participate in Recession, Break All Records at Annual Pirates Ball Fundraiser
02/25/2009 SSI & Platinum Pro Support Dive Pirates Foundation
02/09/2009 Dive Pirates Prepare for Biggest Bash Yet, 5th Annual Pirates Ball
10/17/2008 Dive Pirates Turn Page As Newly Created Chapters Raise Money
10/03/2008 The Dive Pirates – First Edition: October 3rd, 2008 [External Link]
09/19/2008 Dive Pirates Golf Tournament: Volunteers and Players Wanted [External Link]
09/08/2008 Music For Soldiers: Local Bands to Raise Money For Dive Pirates
08/20/2008 Dive Pirates announce 2009 Trip – Everyone is invited to Join! [External Link]
07/16/2008 Pirates Return From Caymans With Six Certified Adaptive Divers
07/07/2008 Scuba diving helps wounded warriors unwind [External Link]
06/26/2008 ‘Dive Pirates’ Instill No Fear but Bravery [External Link]
06/10/2008 Aaarg! Its the Dive Pirates! [External Link]
06/05/2008 Dive Pirates Organization Announces Trip to Cayman Island for Challenged Divers [External Link]
03/17/2008 Dive Pirates Raise $30,000 for Wounded Veterans [External Link]
02/28/2008 Pirates Back in Fashion at 4th Annual Fundraiser Ball
01/09/2008 Pirates Receive Generous Donations, Prepare For Ball
11/02/2007 Music for Soldiers: Local Bands to Raise Money for Dive Pirates
08/07/2007 Dive Pirates Look to Banner 4th Year With Capt. Dawn Halfaker
06/08/2007 Pirates Celebrate Successful Trip With New Adaptives/Old Pros
05/24/2007 Eric Alva’s whole new world [External Link]
03/07/2007 Pirates Ball Gives Back to Veterans
02/23/2007 Dive Pirates To Raise Funds At Banquet [External Link]
02/13/2007 Pirates’ Ball Set to Fund Upcoming Adaptive Trip to Caymans
11/06/2006 More on Dive Pirates, Brac Reef Beach Resort [External Link]