Medical Condition

Courtney Mazzola

Courtney has been blind since birth, and perceives some movement and light. She lovesocean and can’t wait to feel the open space of underwater. She never even thought about diving until friend and dive pirate Michael Malarsie convinced her to give it a try. Now she can’t wait!

Michael Malarsie

Senior Airman Michael is still active duty in the air force and serving in San Antonio.  While on foot patrol in Iraq an IED blasted him off a bridge and into the water.  Michael lost his sight and suffered some shrapnel injuries.  In honor of those in his patrol that died that day from the…

Rio Popper

Rio is a ray of sunshine, a very nice young lady who is completely blind due to retinoblastoma.  Her parents love diving, and Rio really took to her “try scuba” with our Northern California Chapter, and is really looking forward to diving.

Mitch Green

Mitch was born without sight, but between his thrill of adventure and supportive family, he’s a challenge to keep up with. Mitch is married with four children and is a computer technician. He wanted to try scuba diving as another dimension of adventure into the unknown.