Dive Chapter

Michael Malarsie

Senior Airman Michael is still active duty in the air force and serving in San Antonio.  While on foot patrol in Iraq an IED blasted him off a bridge and into the water.  Michael lost his sight and suffered some shrapnel injuries.  In honor of those in his patrol that died that day from the…

Daniel Burney

Lance Corporal Daniel was a helicopter mechanic in the Marine Corp when he had a major car accident on base fractured his back, causing paraplegia.  He now lives in Kerrville, TX and is gearing up to join the pirates on the 2013 trip.

Thomas L. Hudson

Senior Airman Thomas is still active duty with the Air force after losing most of the fingers on his right hand while serving in Iraq. The water actually took away most of his hand pain. His wife, Katelyn, is also active military and trained to be his dive buddy for the 2011 trip.

Travis Clennon

Staff Sergeant After four tours of duty, Travis was injured on his last tour, Afghanistan, by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).  Considered an incomplete paraplegic, he’s quite mobile with the help of leg braces and thoroughly enjoyed the 2011 “Brac with Friends” tour as a Dive Pirate.

Gerard Miller

Still active in the military, Gerard suffered a gunshot wound to his left arm, and lives with nerve damage from the elbow down.  He joined the Dive Pirates as a 2011 recipient.

David Lofgren

David was a MP in the US Army and was injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Originally from Utah, he spent time rehabilitating in San Antonio where he was trained at Dive Masters of San Antonio, but now resides with his fiancee in Buffalo, NY.  David has an infectious smile and is part of the class…

Albert Garcia

Albert is an avid motorcyclist who lost his right arm in an accident several years ago.  When he learned he could dive as an amputee, he was an enthusiastic student.  He still rides on a 3 wheeler and loves the road – and diving.

Nathan Gonzalez

Sergeant Nathan is a retired marine whose duty was to protect US Embassies abroad.  Nate loved diving then and after an automobile accident he thought he would never dive again.  He is now a happy dive pirate living in Boerne, TX and went to Cayman Brac in 2008.