Dive Chapter

Raymond Hernandez

Retired Specialist E4, US Army.  Ray served in the infantry from 1985-1988 stationed in Germany and Ft. Knox.  After his military career he suffered a gunshot wound causing a spinal cord injury, resulting in paraplegia.  He is very active and enjoys swimming and wheelchair tennis.

Jason Geiser

Jason spent nine years in the US Navy, spending time as an Interior Communications Electrician while at sea, and stateside as a teacher of survival school.  After leaving the military in 2008 he became a police officer and had a motorcycle accident that caused his paraplegia.

Sean Ryan

Petty Officer Sean had a very successful career in the Navy, spending  many of those years in special ops.  After leaving the service he suffered a gunshot wound to the chest at point blank range, causing paraplegia.  He loves to swim and keeps in shape, a father of three children who strives to be a…

Rio Popper

Rio is a ray of sunshine, a very nice young lady who is completely blind due to retinoblastoma.  Her parents love diving, and Rio really took to her “try scuba” with our Northern California Chapter, and is really looking forward to diving.