Medical Condition

Kevin Smith Adaptive Diving Houston

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith heard about the Dive Pirates during his rehab at TIRR. After a motorcycle accident caused a complete spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia. With a background in diving before his accident. Kevin signed up for a Try-Dive event with the Dive Pirates at Seanic Ocean Systems; an engineering company in Katy, Texas with a large…

Eric Scot Poehler

Scot served in the Air Force as an aircraft instrument repairman, completing a tour of duty in Vietnam.  After his military service he earned a college degree and became a professional photographer. In 2006 a car accident caused a complete spinal cord injury, resulting in paraplegia. He continues to be very active and participates in…

Avery Downing

Avery is an amazing young lady, an accomplished gymnast who fell while practicing on the unevenbars, a fall that caused a spinal cord injury. Now a person with paraplegia, Avery is very independent and drives herself. She loves a challenge and has been looking forward to diving.

Jean Paul Lauren

“JP” served in the United States Air Force in the 1970’s working in intelligence. In 2006 he was injured while skydiving, colliding with an irrigation system while landing in tall grass. He sustained multiple injuries causing paraplegia. Before his accident JP was a PADI certified open water diver and he’s thrilled to have the chance…

Raymond Hernandez

Retired Specialist E4, US Army.  Ray served in the infantry from 1985-1988 stationed in Germany and Ft. Knox.  After his military career he suffered a gunshot wound causing a spinal cord injury, resulting in paraplegia.  He is very active and enjoys swimming and wheelchair tennis.

Emily Obert

Emily is a product design engineer for the auto industry, a career that brought her to Michigan.  Involved in other adaptive sports where she used to live, she started searching out opportunities online and found John Iszler and Capital City Scuba, a great Dive Pirates Chapter that has already sponsored past recipients.  On September 4th,…

Matthew Trull

Matthew found out about us from some of his wife’s co-workers and will be trained by our new chapter Rock Bottom Divers near Tampa, FL.   In 1977, when he was 6 years old, Matt was hit by a car crossing the road without looking both ways, the contusion causing paraplegia.

Ron Cantagallo

Retired Corporal, USMC.  Ron served as a Marine in the armed forces, a trained paratrooper scheduled to deploy to Vietnam when a car accident caused his paraplegia. Ron’s brother will be his dive buddy.

Bryan Estvanko

Bryan had just finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and was about to start is Master’s Degree when he crashed his dirt bike.  He is now an incomplete paraplegic.  Four years later Bryan completed his Masters in Structural Engineering and works for the Army Corp of Engineers in New Mexico.   His wife plans…

Jason Geiser

Jason spent nine years in the US Navy, spending time as an Interior Communications Electrician while at sea, and stateside as a teacher of survival school.  After leaving the military in 2008 he became a police officer and had a motorcycle accident that caused his paraplegia.