Major Wu Waheed Wu Khan in uniform

Retired Major Waheed “Wu” Khan, USMC

Waheed was born in England and served in the US Marine Corps for 24 years with multiple commands and deployments, including the first Gulf War, Somalia, Kosovo, Colombia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  His American counterparts took his initials W.U. Khan from the back of his uniform and created the nickname “Wu”. A special operations commander, he…

Todd Kemery

Corporal Todd joined the marines in 1978 and served in Okinawa, Japan as a helicopter mechanic.  While in California in 1982 he was enjoying the ocean when he was rolled in the surf, causing an incomplete spinal cord injury.

Cody Johnson

Cody joined the Marines and spent a year and a half in the infantry before being medically discharged, a problem with his ankles. In 2014 Cody suffered a gunshot wound to his left leg, which had to be amputated. In 2015 he applied to the Dive Pirates Foundation after a friend at the gym told…

Ron Cantagallo

Retired Corporal, USMC.  Ron served as a Marine in the armed forces, a trained paratrooper scheduled to deploy to Vietnam when a car accident caused his paraplegia. Ron’s brother will be his dive buddy.

Daniel Burney

Lance Corporal Daniel was a helicopter mechanic in the Marine Corp when he had a major car accident on base fractured his back, causing paraplegia.  He now lives in Kerrville, TX and is gearing up to join the pirates on the 2013 trip.

Richard Massimino

Richard was a US Marine during Operation Iraqi Freedom that had many severe injuries that left him unable to walk.  He has since rehabilitated and recovered such that he was able to be trained as an Adaptive Buddy by WW Diving in Humble, Texas near where he lives today with his wife and children.  He…

Jake Hipps

Private Jake was a Private in the Marine Corps and served during the evacuation of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam Conflict.  He was injured by a gunshot wound after returning and is now a paraplegic working at the Buffalo, NY area VA helping other vets.  He is active in many sports and could…

Alex Nicoll

PFC Alex was a PFC in the USMC and described his job as “kicking in doors”.  He was injured in Fallujah and is missing part of his leg.  He did so well in scuba and liked the island so much, don’t be surprised if he shows up next year as your dive master!

Nathan Gonzalez

Sergeant Nathan is a retired marine whose duty was to protect US Embassies abroad.  Nate loved diving then and after an automobile accident he thought he would never dive again.  He is now a happy dive pirate living in Boerne, TX and went to Cayman Brac in 2008.

Sean Barr

Sean Barr

Lance Corporal Sean was injured in 1994 and subsequently attended Texas A&M where he earned a degree in Ocean Engineering.  He is now a Senior Project Engineer in Subsea Construction at Acergy.  Sean was certified at the Cayman Brac trip in 2007, his dive buddies were Jennifer Reynolds, Mark Scott and Barbara Thompson.