Dive Chapter

Jimmy Cruz

Jimmy joins us from Lubbock, TX.  A natural athlete growing up in West Texas, Jimmy was 16 when a pole vaulting accident caused his paraplegia.  He is now a lab tech assistant at Family Health Care Associates working with Dr. Jane Scott (DPF recipient of 2010).

Dillon Cannon

Specialist Dillon was guarding a roadside bomb in Iraq when a sniper shot him in the neck, an injury that caused quadriplegia.  Still an active young man, Dillon is looking forward to diving and continue leading a mobile life.  He’ll be training with WWDiving in Humble, TX to prepare for the “Brac for More” trip…

Randal Vandever

Corporal Randal joined the Army in 2005 and retired as a result of his injuries, ambushed and shot in the arm. To this day he suffers from nerve damage and limited use of his right arm and hand, but continues to look for ways to enjoy the outdoors. Randal trained with his cousin, Jesse Cannon,…

Kim DeGidio

Missing most of one arm since birth, she can do more with one hand than most of us do with two. Kim is currently teaching art at the Academy of Choice in Spring Branch ISD, and joined the dive pirates for the 2011 “Brac with Friends” trip.

Jane Scott

Jane is a family general practitioner in Lubbock, TX.  A victim of polio as a small child, she has limited use of her left side, but with the help of braces and crutches she can navigate any dive boat and took to diving on the 2011 trip to Cayman Brac.

Richard Massimino

Richard was a US Marine during Operation Iraqi Freedom that had many severe injuries that left him unable to walk.  He has since rehabilitated and recovered such that he was able to be trained as an Adaptive Buddy by WW Diving in Humble, Texas near where he lives today with his wife and children.  He…

Alan Bailey

Alan is a very active grandfather, business man, rugby player and a quadriplegic.  He was injured nearly 30 years ago but it has never stopped his enjoyment.  He was joined by the team of his wife and two daughters, who talked him into wearing this lovely Ethel Merman dive attire.

Latseen Benson

Sergeant Latseen is a native Alaskan and served in the US Army as a Sergeant until a roadside bomb took most of both legs.  He is still active and is a great swimmer and is a natural in scuba diving.  He and his wife, Jessica, will be along for many more trips.

Timothy Jones

Airman Timothy was injured while serving as a mechanic in the Top Gun program in the Navy which resulted in a spinal chord injury.  He plays quad rugby while also attending college and raising three active children with his wife, Melissa. Tim was a part of the Cayman Brac trip in 2008.