Shawn Unruh

  Lance Corporal Shawn was a marine in the Gulf War but had to retire after his inury in a one car accident in 1995.  Shawn and his wife attended the 2006 trip to the Bahamas and has continued diving with Dive Pirates both in 2007 and 2008  

Reveca Torres

Reveca is a costume designer in Chicago and was in an automobile accident in 1995 that resulted in a spinal cord injury.  In addition to her work, she is active with the Shriners Hospital in Chicago.  She traveled with us to dive in 2006 in the Bahamas.

Chris Pulley

Chris was diagnosed with a spinal muscular atrophy disease at the age of 12 but is leading a full life including a BBA in Finance from the University of North Texas, working as a Financial Analyst at Bank of America in Charlotte, NC and now scuba diving.  Chris and his wife Jennifer attended the 2006…

Jim Boomer

Jim was injured in a 2002 dirt bike incident and has been a paraplegic as a result.  He is infectiously optimistic and has a great time scuba diving.  He is attending college in his hometown of Glendale, AZ.  Jim came with Dive Pirates in 2006 to the Bahamas.  

Eric Alva

Eric Alva is retired from serving in the US Marine Corps after losing a leg to a land mine during the first day of the Iraq war. He has been recognized for his bravery by People Magazine and has raised more than $5000 for Dive Pirates. Eric has always been a long distance runner and…