Albert Garcia

Albert is an avid motorcyclist who lost his right arm in an accident several years ago.  When he learned he could dive as an amputee, he was an enthusiastic student.  He still rides on a 3 wheeler and loves the road – and diving.

Traci Bryan

Traci Bryan Injured in a car accident, Traci Bryan has been a quadriplegic since. She owns and maintains a boutique in her hometown of Rowlett, TX. Joined on the trip by her sister, parents and new paraplegic friend, Domonic Corradin.  If Traci had a pirate name, it would be “cupcake”.

Alan Bailey

Alan Bailey Nearly 30 years ago, Alan Bailey suffered an injury. Now, he is a very active grandfather, business man, rugby player and a quadriplegic. However, it never stopped his enjoyment. His wife and two daughters joined him and talked him into wearing this lovely Ethel Merman dive attire.

Bonnie Brawner

Bonnie Brawner Bonnie Brawner teaches high school chemistry in San Antonio and lost a leg in a car accident. This has not kept her from sports – she won the bronze medal in sitting volleyball from the Athens Paralympic games. Great in the water and out, she has a great sense of humor – her…

Stanley Vigil

Stanley Vigil Stanley Vigil was injured in an unusual surfing accident that led to paralysis from the waist down. He still loves the water and was very excited to learn to dive. He will return in 2010 with his wife, Cheryl, because she sees how fun it is and wants in on the party.  

Juana Flores

Juana Flores Juana Flores and her husband, Rafael, had been divers for years before a traffic accident left her as a quadriplegic. Now they are diving together again and loving it.  They are also the parents of two lovely girls who will be divers soon.

Latseen Benson

Latseen Benson Sergeant Latseen Benson, a native Alaskan, served in the US Army as a Sergeant. A roadside bomb took most of both legs. Still active and a great swimmer Latseen naturally takes to scuba diving. He and his wife, Jessica, will be along for many more trips.

Becca Lockhart

Becca was born in the former Soviet Union and adopted at the age of 7 by Lee Lockhart of St Petersburg, FL. She does not have fully formed hands or feet. However, this never stopped her as she played for her high school volleyball team and took quickly to scuba diving. Recently, she just graduated…

Jake Hipps

Jake Hipps, Marine Corps Private, served during the evacuation of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam Conflict. He sustained an gunshot wound after returning home. Now a paraplegic, he works at the Buffalo, NY area VA helping other vets. Active in many sports he could one day be on a Wheaties Box.

Alex Nicoll

Private 1st Class Alex Nicoll Alex Nicoll was a PFC in the USMC and described his job as “kicking in doors”. While deployed to Fallujah, he lost part of his leg in an injury. He did so well in scuba and liked the island so much, don’t be surprised if he shows up next year…