gene-laureanoRetired Private First Class, US Army.  Gene served in the army from 1980-1983, and trained with the marines at Ft. Hood, TX.  He credits his service for his success today.  A successful welder, Gene fell 20 feet while on the job repairing an awning, causing a spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia.  He participates in hand cycling and air rifle competitions.

My name is Gene Laureano,
I was fortunate to come across the Dive Pirates organization and was able to take a course in scuba diving. After passing the written course I completed the pool training then on to the lake for my checkout dives. It was a childhood dream come true much less being a paraplegic I thought for sure I would never get a chance but the Dive Pirates made that happen. The experience has been breathtaking. I would love to take part in the upcoming dive in the place they call the Brac. I’ve seen the pictures of the clear water, coral reefs and underwater creatures that I’ve seen in aquariums. It would complete my dream to experience it. I so look forward to it.
Thank You
Posted on December 13, 2015.