Retired US Army Specialist

Monty served in the US Army as a tactical wire operations specialist, leaving the service in 1985 to return to his career as a lineman with New Braunfels Utilities. On March 18, 1988, his left shoulder made contact with a high voltage line, the electricity exited both hands. After numerous surgeries and the reconstruction of his shoulder and left hand, his right hand was amputated. He now manages with a mio-electric battery-operated prosthetic arm and returned to work for the utility in a different capacity.  He now works in sales at a Ford dealership. He has been married for more than 28 years to his fiancé at the time of the accident, she has been at his side ever since. He and Tammy have two grown daughters, the youngest is to be married in May of 2017.

Monty along with his buddy, retired New Orleans firefighter Greg Bracey trained with Hellen Armstrong and Dive Masters of San Antonio.

Greg Bracey