Scott Sperling

Scott was born with a with a right club foot along with no feeling and lack of blood circulation in both feet.  These issues would lead to numerous hospital visits, bone infections and eventually amputations.

Over the last 15 years Scott has been involved with local fundraising activities, where a great group of sponsors and supporters give topless jeep rides to over 200 camper and staff members each summer.  Many of these campers have disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida or Down Syndrome and have never had a chance to ride off road.

It wasn’t until several years ago that Scott finally started wearing shorts to this event on the recommendation of the staff physician. He felt quite rightly, that Scott could be a role model to those campers and help give them the confidence in that nothing in life is impossible!  

His buddy is Matt AmosScott and Matt will be training with Jim Ikerd of Southern Ohio Diving Academy, OH.

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