Paul Rauner

Paul has lost the use of his legs from a progressive neurological disease, but that did not stop him from learning to dive at Husker Divers in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska.  He was fearless during our trip in 2010 while diving the walls of Cayman Brac or inside the halls of the MV Keith…

Matthew Arcadi

Matt is an amazing athlete and now adds scuba to the list of sports he plays.  After an injury in a car accident, he wanted a sport he could share with his wife and they learned together at Woods & Water Scuba in the Tampa, FL area.  He was part of the class of 2010.

Richard Massimino

Richard was a US Marine during Operation Iraqi Freedom that had many severe injuries that left him unable to walk.  He has since rehabilitated and recovered such that he was able to be trained as an Adaptive Buddy by WW Diving in Humble, Texas near where he lives today with his wife and children.  He…

Albert Garcia

Albert is an avid motorcyclist who lost his right arm in an accident several years ago.  When he learned he could dive as an amputee, he was an enthusiastic student.  He still rides on a 3 wheeler and loves the road – and diving.

Traci Bryan

Traci was injured in a car accident and has been a quadriplegic since then.  She owns and maintains a boutique in her hometown of Rowlett, TX and was joined on the trip by her sister, parents and new paraplegic friend, Domonic Corradin.  If Traci had a pirate name, it would be “cupcake”.

Alan Bailey

Alan is a very active grandfather, business man, rugby player and a quadriplegic.  He was injured nearly 30 years ago but it has never stopped his enjoyment.  He was joined by the team of his wife and two daughters, who talked him into wearing this lovely Ethel Merman dive attire.

Bonnie Brawner

Bonnie is a high school chemistry teacher in San Antonio and lost a leg in a car accident. This has not kept her from sports – she is a bronze medal holder in sitting volleyball from the Athens Paralympic games. She is great in the water and out and has a great sense of humor…

Stanley Vigil

Stanley was injured in an unusual surfing accident that led to paralysis from the waist down.  He still loves the water and was very excited to learn to dive.  He will return in 2010 with his wife, Cheryl, because she sees how fun it is and wants in on the party.  

Juana Flores

Juana and her husband, Rafael, had been divers for years before a traffic accident left her as a quadriplegic.  Now they are diving together again and loving it.  They are also the parents of two lovely girls who will be divers soon.