Damien Davis

Staff Sergeant Damien dedicated 16 years to the US Army, as a truck driver in Korea, to a recruiter in Alaska, to a tour in Kuwait.  He’s now working through the effects of Buerger’s disease, the loss of circulation to arms and legs due to inflammation in the arteries.  With one leg amputated, he’s an…

Michael Malarsie

Senior Airman Michael is still active duty in the air force and serving in San Antonio.  While on foot patrol in Iraq an IED blasted him off a bridge and into the water.  Michael lost his sight and suffered some shrapnel injuries.  In honor of those in his patrol that died that day from the…

Stephen Evans

Stephen was a medic serving in Iraq when a fellow soldier stepped on an EFP and Evans suffered from the impact; the shrapnel injuring his left leg and face, leaving him with a frozen ankle and locked foot. He strives to be active and hopes to enjoy scuba thanks to the foundation and its chapter…

Bryan Estvanko

Bryan had just finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and was about to start is Master’s Degree when he crashed his dirt bike.  He is now an incomplete paraplegic.  Four years later Bryan completed his Masters in Structural Engineering and works for the Army Corp of Engineers in New Mexico.   His wife plans…

Jason Geiser

Jason spent nine years in the US Navy, spending time as an Interior Communications Electrician while at sea, and stateside as a teacher of survival school.  After leaving the military in 2008 he became a police officer and had a motorcycle accident that caused his paraplegia.

Victoria Henderson

Victoria was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when she was eight years old and lives with some limited range of motion.  Just completing pharmaceutical school, she is not one to see barriers in her life.

Vincent Litwinowicz

Vincent was diagnosed with MS eight years ago, and now his major source of mobility is his wheelchair.  He’ll be diving with his best friend since Kindergarten, a sport they never thought they could enjoy together.

Matthew Pundyk

Specialist Matthew has served in the US Army for more than 3 years, serving as a Calvary scout and a dismount team leader.  While serving in Afghanistan he stepped on an IED and lost his left leg, the hearing in his left ear and suffered shrapnel damage to his right leg.  He’s looking forward to…

Sean Ryan

Petty Officer Sean had a very successful career in the Navy, spending  many of those years in special ops.  After leaving the service he suffered a gunshot wound to the chest at point blank range, causing paraplegia.  He loves to swim and keeps in shape, a father of three children who strives to be a…

Shawn Thompson

In 2010 Shawn received his motorcycle license and on his first ride he slid off the road, the accident causing paraplegia.  He took some scuba in college but never got certified.  His wife Nicole is his dive buddy on this new adventure.