Robert Burke Shelton

Burke spent 10 years serving our country in the US Army, deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom.  In 2003 during a night mission to support ground troops by air, the helicopter he was riding in crashed, breaking is back, leg, ankle, hand…I think you get the picture!  Burke is blessed to be able to walk but…

Jimmy Cruz

Jimmy joins us from Lubbock, TX.  A natural athlete growing up in West Texas, Jimmy was 16 when a pole vaulting accident caused his paraplegia.  He is now a lab tech assistant at Family Health Care Associates working with Dr. Jane Scott (DPF recipient of 2010).

Jerry Hamilton

Jerry started his military career in 1995, and was deployed to Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan as a pilot. Shrapnel from a nearby rocket explosion broke his leg and frayed his sciatic nerve, which continues to affect his ability to walk. Enjoying his water therapy, diving will be a natural fit!

Daniel Burney

Lance Corporal Daniel was a helicopter mechanic in the Marine Corp when he had a major car accident on base fractured his back, causing paraplegia.  He now lives in Kerrville, TX and is gearing up to join the pirates on the 2013 trip.

Shane Bliss

Specialist Shane was field training for deployment when a landslide left him with severe foot, knee and back injuries. While struggling through surgeries and recovery, he honorably served at Arlington National Cemetery, marching in funerals.

Rio Popper

Rio is a ray of sunshine, a very nice young lady who is completely blind due to retinoblastoma.  Her parents love diving, and Rio really took to her “try scuba” with our Northern California Chapter, and is really looking forward to diving.

Travis Sigmon

Corporal While on foot patrol looking for insurgents, a fellow soldier stepped on an IED, and Travis took most of the blast.  Waking up from a coma without his arm, and suffering other injuries from shrapnel, he returned home for recovery. Now he’s on a mission to be a Dive Pirate.

Marlene Krpata

Captain Marlene Krpata Marlene was a leg limb salvage after suffering a mortar attack while serving in Iraq.  In 2011 she decided to amputate her leg below the knee.  Since her amputation she has been back playing softball and running around with her nieces and nephew.  Swimming in the ocean has had a calming effect…

Matt Richardson

Sergeant Matt entered the infantry in 2006, and two years later was deployed to Iraq.  After being in country for only 3 months, he was struck by friendly fire while acting as Infantry Squad Leader on a mission near Sadr, Iraq.  Matt now lives in Florida.

Roger Nelson

Specialist Roger was serving in the US Army as a big crane operator when he was in a car accident on post.  The accident broke his back, causing paraplegia.  A lifelong swimmer, he hasn’t been back in the water since his accident but is looking forward to getting out of his chair and enjoy the…