Latseen Benson

Sergeant Latseen is a native Alaskan and served in the US Army as a Sergeant until a roadside bomb took most of both legs.  He is still active and is a great swimmer and is a natural in scuba diving.  He and his wife, Jessica, will be along for many more trips.

Becca Lockhart

Becca was born in the former Soviet Union and was adopted at the age of 7 by Lee Lockhart of St Petersburg, FL. She does not have fully formed hands or feet, but this has never stopped her as she played for her highschool volleyball team and took quickly to scuba diving. She just graduated…

Jake Hipps

Private Jake was a Private in the Marine Corps and served during the evacuation of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam Conflict.  He was injured by a gunshot wound after returning and is now a paraplegic working at the Buffalo, NY area VA helping other vets.  He is active in many sports and could…

Alex Nicoll

PFC Alex was a PFC in the USMC and described his job as “kicking in doors”.  He was injured in Fallujah and is missing part of his leg.  He did so well in scuba and liked the island so much, don’t be surprised if he shows up next year as your dive master!

Eric Lantz

Eric is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a physical therapist at Memorial Hermann TIRR in Houston, TX.  A paraplegic for over 10 years, Eric takes on as many challenges as he can and he loves scuba, joining us for the trip to Cayman Brac in 2008.

Veronica Padilla

Veronica lost both legs above the knee in a roadside accident near her home in Albuquerque, NM.  She is a nuclear engineering student and has a terrific outlook on life.  She was a part of our 2008 trip to Cayman Brac.

Kelly Knight

Kelly is a paraplegic that lives in Corpus Christi, TX and is an interior designer.  Kelley loves diving now and is a complete addict since she joined our trip to Cayman Brac in 2008.

Timothy Jones

Airman Timothy was injured while serving as a mechanic in the Top Gun program in the Navy which resulted in a spinal chord injury.  He plays quad rugby while also attending college and raising three active children with his wife, Melissa. Tim was a part of the Cayman Brac trip in 2008.

Dawn Halfaker

Captain Dawn was injured by a RPG attack while serving as a Lt in Iraq with the Military Police.  She was promoted to Captain prior to her discharge and is now the owner of a Security consulting firm and a graduate student at George Washington University.  She went with Dive Pirates to the Brac in…

Nathan Gonzalez

Sergeant Nathan is a retired marine whose duty was to protect US Embassies abroad.  Nate loved diving then and after an automobile accident he thought he would never dive again.  He is now a happy dive pirate living in Boerne, TX and went to Cayman Brac in 2008.