Matthew Trull

Matthew found out about us from some of his wife’s co-workers and will be trained by our new chapter Rock Bottom Divers near Tampa, FL.   In 1977, when he was 6 years old, Matt was hit by a car crossing the road without looking both ways, the contusion causing paraplegia.

Jessica Smith

In December 2012 Jessica had just finished finals at the University of Arkansas when she fell ill and went to the emergency room.  Thinking she just had flu, she was treated and sent home, only to be found later by her fiance with her extremities turning blue and fighting what was later diagnosed as a…

Adam Hood

A motorcycle accident in 2007 changed Adam’s life, but not his adventurous spirit.  Now an active person with paraplegia, Adam was a welder before the accident and is now into wood turning.  Adam is a member of a water ski team and is anxious to try scuba diving, something he always wanted to do before…

Matt Lurvey

Matt’s brother Tony heard people talking about us at Mammoth Lake (good news travels even faster!)  and called Matt to see if he wanted to go scuba diving.  Of course he said yes, Matt’s spinal cord injury caused quadriplegia from a motorcycle accident in 2004.

Ron Cantagallo

Retired Corporal, USMC.  Ron served as a Marine in the armed forces, a trained paratrooper scheduled to deploy to Vietnam when a car accident caused his paraplegia. Ron’s brother will be his dive buddy.

John Kennedy

Retired US Army Specialist E2.  John proudly served in the United States Army.  In 2004 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He works very hard to keep his mobility, using a walker or cane when possible, and a power chair to reserve strength on outings.  John’s wife Bridgett is training to be John’s dive buddy.

Damien Davis

Staff Sergeant Damien dedicated 16 years to the US Army, as a truck driver in Korea, to a recruiter in Alaska, to a tour in Kuwait.  He’s now working through the effects of Buerger’s disease, the loss of circulation to arms and legs due to inflammation in the arteries.  With one leg amputated, he’s an…

Michael Malarsie

Senior Airman Michael is still active duty in the air force and serving in San Antonio.  While on foot patrol in Iraq an IED blasted him off a bridge and into the water.  Michael lost his sight and suffered some shrapnel injuries.  In honor of those in his patrol that died that day from the…

Stephen Evans

Stephen was a medic serving in Iraq when a fellow soldier stepped on an EFP and Evans suffered from the impact; the shrapnel injuring his left leg and face, leaving him with a frozen ankle and locked foot. He strives to be active and hopes to enjoy scuba thanks to the foundation and its chapter…

Bryan Estvanko

Bryan had just finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and was about to start is Master’s Degree when he crashed his dirt bike.  He is now an incomplete paraplegic.  Four years later Bryan completed his Masters in Structural Engineering and works for the Army Corp of Engineers in New Mexico.   His wife plans…