Brandon Sommerville

Brandon Sommerville received his injury in a high school wrestling accident in 2003. However, that has never slowed him down. He is very active and is attending college in Indiana. He traveled with Dive Pirates to the Bahamas in 2006.

Chris Pulley

Chris Pulley was diagnosed with a spinal muscular atrophy disease at the age of 12. However, now he is leading a full life including a BBA in Finance from the University of North Texas. He works as a Financial Analyst at Bank of America in Charlotte, NC. Now his life also includes scuba diving. Chris…

Bob Pierce

Bob Pierce Bob Pierce is an insurance agent in Corrales, NM and is a 1977 graduate of the University of New Mexico. His injury comes from a skiing accident in 2000 but he continues with skiing today in addition to tennis, hand cycling and now scuba.  Bob dived with Dive Pirates in 2006.

Edie Guess

Edie Guess grew up in Abilene, TX, suffering an injury in high school in an automobile accident. She went on to college at Texas Tech and now resides in Albuquerque, NM. She has three girls and is very active in their education and the community.  Edie joined us in 2006 on our trip to the…

Dan Gade

Major Dan Gade became an Open Water Diver in September 2006. He trained with his wife, Wendy. However, hehad to wait until after a stint in the White House liaising for veterans. Then, the birth of their twin boys held him up a bit. However, he got to take his first trip in 2009. An…

Jim Boomer

Jim Boomer suffered an injury from a 2002 dirt bike incident and became a paraplegic as a result. He is infectiously optimistic and has a great time scuba diving.  He is attending college in his hometown of Glendale, AZ. Jim came with Dive Pirates in 2006 to the Bahamas.  

Shawn Monroe

Wounded from a mortar round in Iraq, Sergeant Shawn Monroe, an Army MP, lost one of his legs. His wife Kristi will be his adaptive buddy. They finished their certifications in the Caymans in the Spring of 2005.

Doug Moneymaker

Corporal Doug Moneymaker, ‘Ole 1 Leg Doug’, is a Dive Pirate and an Iraqi war veteran. He is a native of West Texas, where he hopes to return and finish college. He attended the first ever Dive Pirates Trip to Cayman Brac in April of 2005.  

Eric Alva

Eric Alva is retired from serving in the US Marine Corps. The first day of the Iraq war, he lost a leg to a land mine. He has been recognized for his bravery by People Magazine and has raised more than $5000 for Dive Pirates. An avid, long distance runner, Eric also adds his college…

Bill Duff

Bill Duff Bill, certified in the Fall of 2005, is the father of Adaptive Buddy Chad Burgess.  Together, they took their first trip in Cozumel.  Bill works in aviation fuel marketing for ExxonMobil.  An athlete all his life, Bill is a wheelchair basketball coach for disabled youth in Houston.